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Which Netflix Plan Is Better for You and Why

 Which Netflix Plan Is Better for You and Why


If you’re looking to subscribe to Netflix but don’t know which plan to choose because you are unsure of your Netflix consumption, we will explain it all here for you. To clear the most common doubts like, how much will it weigh on my budget? Or will yet another subscription add too much to my already burdensome bills? We offer a solution to your problems by introducing Supercodes.in to you. The first worldwide platform Which Provide All Streaming service and Pc software at affordable Price! Yes, you read just right! Affordable to everyone, legally, safely and securely!

Can I Watch Netflix For Free?

No. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t do free trials anymore like it used to. But you can still get good Netflix deals if you look out for them. Netflix Subscription Plans 2023: Price in India, Benefits Currently, Netflix has four plans in the country. These plans start at Rs 149 and go up to Rs 649. Each plan offers a different number of screens on which content can be viewed simultaneously. Here’s a list of all the plans that Netflix has to offer you:

  1. Netflix Rs 149 mobile-only plan
  2. Netflix Basic Rs 199 plan
  3. Netflix Standard Rs 499 plan
  4. Netflix Premium Rs 649 plan

Netflix Rs 149 mobile-only plan

As the name of this plan suggests, you can only use it to access Netflix on a smartphone or tablet. Last year, the company announced this plan after its entry-level plan of Rs 199 proved too costly for users. The Rs 149 mobile-only plan allows for content to be viewed on only 1 screen at a time. As it’s mobile-only, you will not be able to use your Netflix account with this plan on Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast or any other big-screen gadget which includes laptops and iPads. Content can only be streamed on 480p. The Mobile Plan requires Android OS devices 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher, Fire OS devices 5.0 or higher, or iOS devices 12.0 or higher. This plan is definitely useful if you prefer to consume all your content via just your mobile phone. Annually, you will end up paying Rs 1,788 for this mobile plan.

Netflix Basic Rs 199 plan

If you happen to operate Netflix on many devices apart from your phone such as a tablet, computer or TV, then the Rs 199 plan is the one for you. The only caveat is that at any given point in time, Netflix will only operate on a single screen. Content is available in HD resolution only. The annual cost for the plan is Rs 2,388.

Netflix Standard Rs 499 plan

Unlike the Rs 199 plan, which allows you to stream content on only one device at a time, the Rs 499 plan allows you to stream content on two devices (screens) simultaneously at 1080p Full HD resolution. One can also download their favourite movies and TV shows on two supported devices at a time. The annual cost for the plan is Rs 5,988.

Netflix Premium Rs 649 plan

The Rs 649 plan is a kind of family plan wherein the account can be accessed on four screens simultaneously. All content can be streamed in Ultra HD (4K). Moreover, users can enjoy Netflix Spatial Audio support with the Premium plan along with the ability to download movies and TV shows on six devices at a time. The annual subscription cost for the plan is Rs 7,788. Netflix Price in India, Number of Screens

And now to the best part!

How to save on your Netflix account costs. Or how to be able to afford yet another subscription.

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