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Yousician Review – The Metronome With Ears

Have you been seeing ads for an app called Yousician popping up everywhere?

I have!

The Yousician ads looked pretty interesting. Guitar Hero mixed with a real guitar on your phone.

So being a curious guitar teacher, I wanted to see how Yousician teaches guitar.

Here is what I found.

What is Yousician?

Yousician is an instrument teaching app for your phone or tablet, so you need to download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store.




By the way, it used to be called GuitarBots a while back, but they rebranded into Yousician.

After you install the app:

1. You will be asked which instrument (Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass, Voice) you want to learn. I chose the guitar.

2. How well you play it already.

3. You’ll be shown a 3 part video on how to use the Yousician app.




After this, you can start learning with Yousician.

Yousician method of teaching guitar

Yousician teaches the instrument in a structured format, which is nice to see.

It spreads its lesson tree into 3 main parts:

1. Lead – All sorts of techniques needed for playing lead guitar, including alternate plucking, slides, bends, etc.

2. Knowledge – Ear training, musical alphabet, keys, notes on the fretboard

3. Rhythm – The skills you need to play rhythm guitar, so mainly chords and strumming. Fingerpicking is taught here as well.



he main premise of Yousician is that it teaches guitar through gamification.

It picks up the sound you make with your instrument.

The display runs in tablature format, which is good (I remember having tried Rock Smith, it had a Guitar Hero style “music sheet” running which is weird for a real guitar player).

You are essentially sight-reading guitar tabs while listening to the backing track of the song. You are shown what to pluck/strum.




The app lets you know whether you played in-time and on-pitch. If you hit the correct notes, you collect points and pass the level.

With each lesson, you need to play through the material at an ever increasing speed.

So in essence, Yousician is a metronome with ears that gives you kudos if you’re good.


What I liked about Yousician 


In theory, Yousician could be a good thing:

• Gamification is trendy, so collecting points for playing well is nice.

• The software is accurate, it picks up your instrument’s sound well.

• It only lets you advance if you hit the mark.

• The competitive aspect probably helps in keeping you on the app, as you can see how many points other people score and try to beat it.

But for me, it got boring quickly. Is Yousician for free? You can test Yousician for free, but you only get limited access to its lessons for 15 minutes a day. Basically, the free version of the app is there so you can try it out and see whether you like the idea of learning an instrument with it.

There is no free way of learning any instruments with Yousician in the long run, not if you are serious about learning the instrument. 15 minutes per day is not enough to learn the guitar. Yousician PREMIUM 

• You can get this for lifetime from, You can buy from here-Yousician Premium from here. 

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