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7 Reasons to invest in a MasterClass subscription

If you’ve skimmed through this article so far (I don’t blame you, who has time for 4,000+ word essays?), then let me give you seven quick reasons why investing in a MasterClass subscription is in your best interest.

  1. Learn from the best instructors in a variety of fields
  2. Content is enjoyable to watch
  3. Discover new subjects worth exploring
  4. You can’t beat the cost
  5. Courses are split up into easily digestible, high-production value video lessons
  6.  Knowledge improves your well-being
  7. More classes are added every month

Reason number two—the content is enjoyable to watch—doesn’t get talked about enough. Even if you agree with all the other six reasons, if MasterClass courses were just…bleh, you probably wouldn’t even bother giving it a try.

But that’s not the case with MasterClass. Nearly every course I took, I finished over a weekend. I couldn’t stop watching the lessons because I wanted to keep learning. It’s the same dopamine hit you get from binging your favorite television series, except this time, you end up smarter in the end.

There’s something enjoyable about watching experts talk about the thing they love doing. It’s why “how to…” tutorial videos are so popular on the internet. We love the idea of seeing something perceived as complex and unachievable broken down into smaller, manageable-sized tasks.

MasterClass does just this, and so much more.

3 Considerations before buying MasterClass

The first consideration before purchasing MasterClass is accurately judging your level of proficiency in certain topics.

For example, if you were looking to get into photography, the Annie Leibovitz MasterClass is probably not for you as it requires a basic understanding of photography. Because of this, many students complain that the entry point for some topics is too high.

The second consideration is your breadth of curiosity. Are you only interested in filmmaking? Or do you want to round out your knowledge with some complementary courses like Helen Mirren teaches acting or Aaron Sorkin teaches screenwriting? Not only that but are you willing to learn something completely different like the culinary arts by Thomas Keller or unravel space exploration with Neil DeGrasse Tyson? MasterClass is suited for those interested in many subjects, not those who are siloed into one specific area.

The third and final consideration is whether or not e-learning is the best way for you to learn. Some people are visual learners and thus are better equipped to succeed with MasterClass. However, there are folks who learn better from books or at a much slower pace. MasterClass is designed to pass along the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time (and make the process enjoyable).

To summarize, are you:

  • looking to improve existing skills or learn new skills as a beginner?
  • willing to explore multiple learning subjects or are you siloed into one or two?
  • able to learn well from video lessons or do you need a more traditional approach?

So, does MasterClass work?

I get emails asking me this one question: does MasterClass work? And my answer is always the same: MasterClass works if you let it works.

For MasterClass to work for you, you must first be open to learning and exploring new ideas, topics, and skills. For some MasterClass courses, it’s helpful for you to have some prior experience. Take the Annie Leibovitz MasterClass on photography, for example, her course is not geared towards folks who have never picked up a camera. Instead, she dives deep into the little things that make photography better.

If you want MasterClass to work, you need to be prepared to put in the time watching the video courses, but also reading through the class workbooks and furthering your understanding on your own.

Don’t get me wrong, the high-quality lessons are Netflix-level binge-worthy. However, if all you want is something edutaining to watch, TEDx has hundreds of videos on YouTube you can watch for free

MasterClass works if you are willing to put in the effort and enjoy doing so

 Is MasterClass for me?

Yes, I believe MasterClass is worth it for anyone eager to learn. You can purchase Masterclasses Lifetime Subscrption From Keys-shop.in
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