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WordTune Premium


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Wordtune | Your personal writing assistant & editor

What is Wordtune?

Created by AI21 Labs, Wordtune uses deep artificial intelligence to offer users a wide range of alternative sentences to choose from. It uses language models to get to the meat of the sentence, quickly providing different ways of saying the same thing.

Wordtune Features

Wordtune offers five different ways to rewrite your sentences (only one of which is included with the free extension). These are:

  • Rewrite it – This is a general option, giving you several choices when you highlight a sentence to rewrite.
  • Make it casual – This allows you to eliminate any jargon and give your writing a less formal tone.
  • Make it formal – If your writing is too casual for your liking, you can use this option to make it appropriate for more formal communications.
  • Shorten it – Just like it sounds. Run-on sentences wilt under the power of this option.
  • Expand it – Can’t find the right words? This option will add more detail to your sentence in an effort to make it clearer to the reader.


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