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Paint Revamps with DALL-E 3: Windows 11 and AI Innovation

Paint Reinvents Itself: The Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Windows 11 Brings a Revolution in Digital Graphic Creation


Paint Undergoes a Transformation with Artificial Intelligence

From mid-September, Paint on Windows 11 introduced advanced transparency layer management and background removal. However, the real game-changer comes with the latest version: the integration of Artificial Intelligence, specifically DALL-E 3, into the Windows 11 environment.

The Cocreator Function in Paint: AI Creativity at Your Fingertips

The digital graphics world on Windows 11 is enhanced with Cocreator, a feature initially launched for Insider users in mid-October and now available to all owners of the stable version of the operating system. This innovative feature allows users to leverage the generative AI capabilities of DALL-E 3 to create images from simple text descriptions.

DALL-E 3: A Leap into the Future of Graphics

Launched by OpenAI on September 20, DALL-E 3 marks a new era in image creation. Its integration with the revamped Paint, unveiled by Microsoft just a day later, opens up unprecedented scenarios for artists and designers. Starting November 28, all users with a stable version of Windows 11 can explore this feature, previously limited to the Dev and Canary channels of the Insider program.

How to Use AI in Paint

To access this revolutionary technology, simply open a new file in Paint and select “Cocreator” in the toolbar. A sidebar will open where you can enter a natural language description of the image you want. DALL-E 3 will process the prompt and offer up to three alternatives to choose from.

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Tutorials and Accessibility: Microsoft Thinks of Everyone

Microsoft has also considered AI beginners by implementing a simple four-step tutorial. Initially, some users had to sign up for a waitlist to access Cocreator, but this was necessary to manage the high demand and ensure a gradual implementation of the feature on compatible PCs.


The arrival of DALL-E 3 on Windows 11, through the update of Paint, represents a turning point for digital graphics. This fusion of art and technology not only opens up new creative frontiers but also makes artificial intelligence accessible to a wider audience, demonstrating Microsoft’s constant commitment to innovation.

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